Insurance Services



We have several carriers and you can customize the protection you are looking for. If you would like a low cost dental plan that will keep you that winning smile for life, give us a call.



Individuals are six times more likely to become temporarily disabled than to die prematurely. Despite this, most people have some form of life insurance and most have no income protection should they become disabled and no longer able to work. Even worse, most would not be able to last two weeks without a paycheck. We can provide insurance protection for both group and personal disability income protection policies. We always recommend paying the premiums with "after tax dollars". This way any disability benefit paid will be done tax free. Most programs limit the policy to a maximum of 60% earnings. Tax free means this will cover most of your normal living expenses. 



Many people come in for life insurance and with so many forms of life insurance protections to choose from our first question is "what do you want the life insurance to pay for?". We find most people want to take care of their family should they die prematurely. Some want to pay the mortgage and others want to pay for their children's college. Regardless of the reason we help our clients identify their needs and select the best type of life insurance for them.

Long Term Care


Long Term Care is an insurance program that pays for the care you need when you are unable to do things for yourself; at least not able to do 2 out of the 6 “activities of daily living.” They are walking, dressing, bathing, toileting, feeding, and transferring. You can receive this care and long term care insurance will help pay. This care can be done at home, at a nursing home or in an assisted living facility.

70% of all Americans over 50 will need some form of Long Term Care in their lifetime. Only 10% have some form of Long Term Care Insurance. Everyone has a loved one or a friend who has experienced needing home health care or nursing home care. The average cost for a day in a nursing home is $247, or around $90,000 per year. Average stay in a nursing home is 3.4 years. Many people want to stay at home, so most long term care insurance plans cover home care at the same rate as a nursing home.

What does our Long Term Care Insurance must do as a minimum? Guarantee to pay out more that is paid in for the coverage; guarantee that the cost will not go up, and guarantee the benefit will not be reduced, for the period you purchased coverage.

You can get coverage that is indemnified; pays up to a specific amount and  the pays for a specific period of time, like 2 years, 3 years or lifetime.  The coverage can be for just yourself or you and one other, usually your spouse. Some have purchase coverage for themselves and their brother or sister.



We offer full service on both group personal medical programs for you and your family. As national healthcare continues to take control there are many restrictions and cost increases affecting both the group and personal medical programs. We are available to our clients for securing the best program for them and helping answer any questions and solving any claim issues. 

Senior Medicare

Medicare is a health care program for those turning 65. On the first of the month you turn 65 you are eligible for Medicare and you have two programs to choose from. Traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Both are excellent programs. We will carefully explain each so you can decide which program best fits your pocketbook and needs.

We answer such questions as, "What if I am still working, do I need to sign up for Medicare?" and "Does Medicare pay for Nursing Home Care? Does Medicare cover me if I am traveling out of the US?"

Contact us and we can answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your needs.



Vision coverage can be achieved in both the personal and group setting. Vision usually covers all exams in full and a portion of the cost for lenses, frames, and contact lenses.